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7A Bellevue Industrial Estate, Glasnevin - Dublin

DUBLIN 15 - (IE02 Southern and Eastern) IRELAND


Contact person: Emma Beatty

Telephone: +353 1 8825570

Fax: +353 1 8347747


Website: www.fit.ie


FIT is a registered charity funded by the ICT industry and government. Mission: the progression of people within disadvantages communities and their integration into society through access to training in ICT. FIT builds collaboration between industry, government, the education, develops curricula, assessment & selection procedures, and access & training programmes; makes agreements with national and local education/training providers to run FIT courses.
FIT focuses on cooperation with different VET organisations to enhance the capacity of teachers and to organise a learning environment in VET colleges which allows for wider adoption of ICT technologies and improvement in teacher's CPD. FIT has highly expert personnel with wide ranging experience in EU project management, research, leading edge ICTs/Web 2.0/3.0, pedagogy, quality systems, development of innovative training programmes, socio-economics & policy. FIT Board: senior figures from the ICT industry (e.g. AOL, Dell, IBM,etc).


The role of the FIT in the project foresee in the following activities:

  • Steering committee participation;
  • Provide the experts in effective educational use of IWB for meaningful learning;
  • Develop short educational videos to support learning for effective use of IWB;
  • Support the teachers on-line during the implementation of experimentation in the field with their students;
  • Participate to the final project conference and to the other activities of dissemination