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To innovate traditional teaching methods, which nowadays are still too focused on rote learning, through an effective use of digital technologies: IWB applications combined with concept/mind maps and other HIL tools (High Interaction Learning). This project regards the application of these technologies applied for the development of the European Key competences (Recommendation 2006), such as digital competences, foreign languages, entrepreneurship, math and scientific subjects, and learning to learn.



The specific objectives of the project are:

  • foster the combined use of the IWB and other HIL technologies among teachers and trainers, in order to improve the learning of the European key competences;
  • exploit the use of tools that strengthen meaningful learning and enhance the power of HIL environments like concept and mind maps;
  • stimulate among teachers and trainers a pedagogical planning which foresees the inclusion of key competences in their lessons.



For the vocational and education centres and for secondary schools:

  • Each VET/School can participate in the specific training with at least 2 teachers; the course foresees 4 full days training regarding the use of IWB, the design of lessons in HIL environments and the methods and tools for the research-action activities to be carried out in classroom during the experimentation phase
  • Through the research action activity the teachers will implement the experimentation projects with their students during a school year, thus incorporating the experimentation within their standard curriculum
  • Each participating teacher will prepare a final report concerning the experimentation carried out;
  • All the teachers’ reports will constitute the basis for the final report containing the results of the experimentation
  • Among all the teachers’ experimentations, the best ones will be selected as best practices



The project foresees in every Region a local group made up by VET and secondary schools which:

  • will identify at regional level a teacher with the role of coordinator/facilitator who will support the teachers involved in the experimentation phase. 
  • will identify, for each VET and secondary school, 2 teachers who will attend the training of the trainers course and will be involved in the research-action activity for the experimentation of the methodologies with the students;
  • will collaborate to the organization of a final dissemination workshop of the results, inviting teachers of other schools and presenting the good pedagogical practices, aimed to develop meaningful learning for the key competences, achieved during the project;
  • will participate in the Final Conference at National level for the official dissemination of the results achieved.




  • ENAIP Friuli Venezia Giulia - project coordinator
  • Aesseffe Liguria
  • ENAIP Lombardia
  • ENAIP Piemonte
  • ENAIP Rimini
  • ENAIP Veneto
  • IAL Emilia Romagna
  • Opera Sacra Famiglia Puglia



  • F.I.T Ltd Irlanda
  • Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training - network of associated schools - Istituto Universitario Federale per la Formazione Professionale - ass. University of Lugano
  • EVTA European Vocational Training Association


Associated partners

The following regional subnetworks of schools are involved in the action research:


Regione Lombardia

  • Istituto Statale Istruzione Superiore “Facchinetti” - Castellanza (Busto Arsizio)
  • Liceo Scientifico Statale “Novello” - Codogno (LO)
  • ForMa - Mantova
  • ITES Caio Plinio Secondo - Como
  • Istituto Istruzione Superiore “V. Floriani” - Vimercate
  • ENFAPI Como - Lurate Caccivio (CO)


Regione Veneto

  • Istituto Professionale di Stato per l’Industria e l’Artigianato “Bernardi” – Padova
  • Istituto di Istruzione Superiore “E. Usuelli Ruzza” – Padova
  • Istituto Tecnico per i Geometri “Belzoni-Boaga” – Cadoneghe (PD)

Regione Piemonte

  • Istituto di Istruzione Superiore tecnico e Professionale “Virginio-Donadio” – Cuneo
  • Centro Formazione Professionale “Cebano Monregalese” – Ceva (CN)


Regione Liguria

  • Istituto Secondario Professionale Statale “Mazzini-Da Vinci” – Savona
  • Istituto Professionale di Stato per l’Industria e l’Artigianato “Gaslini-Meucci” – Genova
  • Progettazione e Innovazione - Genova
  • Istituto Professionale Servizi Commerciali e Turistici “M.Polo” – Ventimiglia (IM)*
  • Liceo Tecnologico – Bordighera (IM)*
  • Istituto Tecnico Commerciale e Geometri “E.Fermi” – Ventimiglia (IM)*
  • Istituto Tecnico Commerciale P.A.C.L.E “E.Montale” – Bordighera (IM)*
  • * for the teachers training phase only


Regione Puglia

  • Istituto di Istruzione Secondaria Superiore "Vivante-Pitagora" - Bari
  • Istituto Professionale di Stato per i Servizi Alberghieri e della Ristorazione - A. Perotti- Bari


Regione Emilia Romagna

  • Istituto Professionale di Stato per l’Industria e l’Artigianato “G. Vallauri” – Carpi (MO)
  • Istituto Professionale di Stato- Servizi per l’Enogastronomia e l’Ospitalità Alberghiera “S.Savioli” – Riccione

Regione Marche

  • Istituto Omnicomprensivo “Della Rovere” – Urbania (PU)
  • Istituto Comprensivo ad Indirizzo Musicale “F.lli Mercantini” – Fossombrone (PU)
  • Istituto Tecnico Industriale Statale “E.Mattei” – Urbino (PU)
  • IAL – Innovazione Apprendimento Lavoro MARCHE - Ancona*
  • * for the teachers training phase only





MindMeister with its italian agent Trend Sinergie Sviluppo Srl is the tecnological partner of the TKEY HIL project, supporting it trough a special licencing agreement which, for the all project span, will allow all project staff, teachers and students involved in the action research to use the Mindmeister environment as a support to mind mapping development and knowledge sharing. 


2013-1-IT1-LEO05-04095 - TOI TKEY HIL


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.